Even though Juoksutek was officially created in 2018, its roots can be traced back to 2014.

In late 2014 Paulo Lopes started coaching Tervarit futsal senior team in running technique and physical condition. The coaching was performed during the whole season with an accomplishment of good results. Because of that, in the same year, two other teams got interested in similar coaching.

Three years after, with more coaching experience and kids coaching education on the portfolio, Paulo started giving coaching sessions to a baseball athlete that physically had grown intensely in the previous year.

Her father noticed the need for a running technique coaching session and tried to do it initially since he likes to run. However, he didn’t have the knowledge to perform detailed and systematic running technique sessions. Thus, he asked Paulo for help.

From the private session, it became clear that this type of coaching could be beneficial for this athlete’s whole team. The team’s 4-month period of coaching ended in an amazing experience, which led to the realization that this could be needed by other teams, other sports and other people. 

In the end, Juoskutek, a company specialized in running technique for youngsters was created.


To bring joy and a new passion to every teenager doing any sport by improving their running technique, coordination skills and physical condition in Oulu area. With a strong basis in these three key elements, the teenager will have fewer barriers to reach their full potential and will be able to focus more time and energy to the sports’ tactics and unique features.


To create equal opportunities to every person regardless of their size, sex, age or geographical location by coaching them the foundations of any running based sport.