Why running coaching?

Juoksutek offers premium quality coaching of running technique, physical coordination and muscle reinforcement for teenagers in order to create the foundations for the following running improvement.

Like this, the athletes can keep developing their running skills, while focusing primarily on the own sport’s critical characteristics like tactics, strategies and specific sport skills.

The ultimate goal is that running does not become the main limitation of the athlete’s improvement.

Planning training

Who are the focus groups?

The target group is for a teenager in their 8 to 15 years old when the natural body development has a great impact on muscle and bone growth.

In this exceptional growing phase, the teenager has a sense of disconnection (non-control) with their own body because its development happens in a faster pace than the adaptation to its new shape. For these reasons, there is a significant drop-out percentage of kids doing sports and an increase in variation in skill levels. Therefore it’s necessary to follow up development of a young athlete so that they are able to adapt to the changes happening in their body.

The coaching is ideal for teams of 10 up to 25 members but can be also for smaller groups and one-on-one. Still, other age groups can be agreed individually.

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